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Description Issue Date Comments
SB781 Aft Rudder Cable Inspection 6/25/84  
SB782 Magneto Switch Guard Modification 4/24/85  
SB783 Elevator/ Stabilizer Inspection 6/13/84  
SB784 Pressurization Outflow Valve Inspection 8/7/84  
SB786 Toe Brake Modification 8/20/84  
SB790A Turbocharger/Cowl Mod. 2/14/85
SB791 Oxygen System Wiring Mod. 8/20/84  
SB792 Fuel Line/ Wing Spar Mod. 8/7/84  
SB794 Electric Fuel Pump Mod. 8/30/84  
SB796A Wing Rivet Mods.

(3 parts)

SB799 Landing Gear Control Lever Safety Tab Mod. 10/26/84  
SB803A Pneumatic Surface De-Ice Pressure Control Valve 3/21/86  
SB805A Propellor "O" Ring Mod. 3/14/86
SB808 Landing Gear Seal Replacement 7/10/85  
SB809 Nose Gear Stering Rotater Inspection 7/1/85
SB810 Landing Gear Safety Solenoid Installation 7/9/85  
SB820 Aft Wing Attach Fitting Fastener Inspection/Replacement 2/26/86
SB824 Electric Flap Motor Actuator Installation Rework 3/21/86  
SB837 Main Landing Gear Lower Tongue Link Bolt Inspection 5/21/86  
SB852 Alternate Air Control Linkage Adjustment 11/14/86
SB853 Fuel Drain Hose Replacement 11/17/86  
SB854A De-Ice Timer Protection -Electrical Circuit Mod. 10/28/87
SB855 Use of Automotive Gasoline in Piper Aircraft 1/14/87  
SB858 Nose Gear Steering Rotater Hub Attach Bolt Replacement 4/1/87
SB862A Electrically Operated Flap System -Actuator Tube Replacement 8/11/87    
SB863A Aileron Cable Routing/Phenolic Fairlead Installation 1/31/89  
SB865A Freon Compressor Drive Pulley Nut Inspection and Belt Removal 7/14/87
SB871 Operating Limitations 10/13/87  
SB876B Continental Engine Publication Compliance -Serial Number Additions 4/14/88  
SB883 Additional Post Lighting- Instrumentation 3/10/88
SB884 Lock Wire of V-Band Clamps 4/8/88  
SB892A Powerplant Cooling Improvement 5/17/89
SB894 Nose Gear Emergency Downspring Mechanism Replacement 10/28/88  
SB895 Alternate Air Box Bearing Block Mod. 11/17/88
SB896 Shoulder Harness Installation and Usage 11/28/88  
SB900 Missing Upper Fuselage Rivets 2/13/89
SB909 Thru-bolt Torque Inspection 5/11/89  
SB913A Return to Service Guidelines 6/29/89  
SB917 Angle Support -Forward Baggage Compartment 7/19/89  
SB919 Carpet Runner Retainer Installation 8/3/89
SB921 Aileron Inspection 8/15/89  
SB943A Landing Gear Locking Actuator End Gland Replacement 8/15/90
SB944 Empennage Rivet Replacement 10/5/90  
SB947A Low Vacuum Annunciator Light Operation 10/29/91  
SB948 Inboard Wing Rib Inspection/Mod./Replacement 1/25/91
SB949 Wing Rib Reinforcement 2/18/91  
SB953 Elevator Trim Cable Guide Tube Splice 10/29/91
SB958 Horizontal Stabilizer Drain Hole Installation 10/22/92  
SB959 Fuselage Rivet Installation 3/31/93  
SB960 Engine Mount Heat Shield Installation 3/31/93  
SB961 Alternate Air Door Replacement/Control Linkage Inspection 10/21/92
SB963 Electric Flap Cam Assembly Mod. 6/11/93  
SB964B Hydraulic Power Pak Pressure Switch Replacement 5/24/96
SB985 Hydraulic Power Pak Pressure Switch Replacement 6/16/95  
SB994 Intermittent Main Gear Indication 3/8/96
SB995A Turbine Inlet Temperature System Calibration and Probe Replacement 4/26/96    
SB997 Inspection of Jack Pad Attachment Area 2/7/97  
SB999 Inertia Reel Shoulder Harness Mod. 3/5/97