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Continental TSIO520BE

Service Bulletin

Continental Service Bulletin # Description                Comments                  Issue Date
M84-5 Gear Driven Alternator -Inspection   2/13/84
M84-8 Magneto Timing Indicator Plate   6/19/84
M84-13 Slick Service Bulletin 1-84   10/27/84
M84-15 Cylinder Compression Leakage Check   12/21/84
M85-6 Garrett Service Letter TP61   4/25/85
M85-7 Spark Plugs   5/23/85
M85-9 Rev 1 Piston to Cylinder Dome Clearance    8/6/85
M85-10 Cylinder Hold Down Bolts   7/18/85
M85-14 Magneto Pressurization Filter   9/23/85
M85-19 Cylinder Valve Guide Procedures   11/5/85
*M86-4 Fuel Pump Information   1/9/86
M86-5 Manifold Pressure Line Adapter   2/4/96
M86-13 Rv 1 Camshaft Plug Inspection   10/17/96
M86-14 Camshaft Rework   10/1/86
M86-20 Air/Oil Separator Drain Modification   12/15/86
M87-12 Oil Filter Adapter Inspection   11/20/87
M87-15 Alternator Ground Strap   7/13/87
M87-16 Slick Service Bulletin SB1-86A   8/14/87
M87-17 Improved Oil Pump Suction Tube Assembly   8/28/87
M87-21 Operation and Service   10/7/87
M87-23 Crankshaft Counterweight ID at Overhaul   11/24/87
M87-24 Broken Starter Adapter Shafts   12/15/87
M87-25 Piston Pin Replacement & Thru Bolt Torque Check   12/15/87
M88-4 TCM Protec Oil Filter FAA- AD 88-03-06 1/15/88
M88-5 Starter Adapter Shafts FAA- AD 88-17-03 4/4/88
M88-9 Lightning Strikes   8/24/88
M88-10 Contaminated Fuel   8/24/88
M88-12 Piper Mandatory Service Bulletin 892   9/9/88
M88-11 Piston Compression Ring Tables   9/22/88
M88-14 Slick Service Bulletin SB1-88   10/10/88
M89-5 Alternator and Drive Coupling Installation   2/9/89
M89-6 Compressor Belt Sheave Alignment & Belt Tensioning   3/10/89
M89-7 Rev 1 Engine Operation After Cylinder Replacement or Overhaul   8/4/89
M89-9 Excessive Crankcase Pressures   4/21/89
M89-14 Thru Bolt Torque Check & Inspection FAA- AD


M89-15 Overspeed Limitations   7/12/89
M89-18 EGT Recommendations   8/10/89
M89-24 Crankshaft, Rod & Counterweight Information   11/89
M90-8 Exhaust System Inspection   3/22/90
M90-9 TCM Magneto & Harness Inspection   4/20/90
M90-10 Standby Vacuum Pump Oil Leak Inspection   4/11/90
M90-13 Exhaust Valve Stem Corrosion   7/16/90
M90-14 Champion Alert 90-1 FAA-AD 91-19-03 8/7/90
M90-15 Rocker Arm & Push Rod Inspection   8/21/90
M90-17 Crankcase Inspection Criteria   8/23/90
*M90-19 Fuel Inlet Tee   10/16/90
M91-4 Piston to Ring Application   2/11/91
M91-5 Engine Preservation   3/18/91
M91-6 Cylinder Barrel Inspection   3/20/91
M91-7 Cylinder Barrel Ultrasonic Inspection   3/20/91
M91-8 Time Between Overhauls   7/10/91
M91-9 Cam & Lifter Lubrication   8/9/91
M91-11 Starter Adapter Shaft Seal   11/22/91
M92-9 Flanged Thru Bolt   5/29/92
M92-12 Alternator Thru Bolt Torque Inspection   8/27/92
M92-14 Modine Oil Coolers   9/9/92
M93-5 Crankcase Oil Feed Holes   2/19/93
MSB93-12 Valve Retainer Key Installation FAA -AD 93-10-02 5/12/93
SB94-2 Oil Filter Adapter Mounting Stud   2/10/94
SB94-3A Induction System Hose Replacement   3/16/94
SIL94-6 Oil Dipstick Chart   6/28/94
MSB94-8A Magneto/ Engine Timing    9/14/94
SIL94-10 Intake Valve Rotocoils   11/14/94
CSB94-15 Crankcase Stud Inspection   12/2/94
SB95-2 Engine Control Cables/Linkage   4/21/95
*SB95-7 Manifold Valve Cover Inspection   12/8/95
*SB96-3B Crankshaft Gear Bolt Inspection   4/11/96
SB96-7 Torque Limits   6/11/96
SIL96-9 Oil Pressure Relief Valve Spring   8/12/96
MSB96-10 Crankshaft Ultrasonic Inspection   8/15/96
SB96-11 Propellor Strikes   9/10/96
SB96-12 TCM Cylinder Instructions   9/10/96
SID97-2 TCM Cylinder Instructions   2/17/97
SID97-3 TCM Continuous Flow Fuel Injection System   3/24/97
SID97-4A Cylinder Bore & Piston Fit   3/24/97
SB97-6 Mandatory Replacement Parts   4/7/97
CSB97-10A Piston Pin Plug FAA -AD 97-21-02 6/19/97
SB97-11 Rocker Assemblies   8/15/97
SIL97-12 Starter Adapter Shaft Seal   10/14/97
*SB97-13 Engine Driven Fuel Pump   10/30/97
CSB98-1B Intake and Exhaust Valve Inspection   6/1/98
SB98-2 Valve Guide Dimensions   6/12/98
SIL98-3 New Valve Springs   6/12/98
SIL98-5 Revised Camshaft Assembly   6/12/98